TErms of Participation

  1. 1.    The title of the international competition  is “THE CLIMATE CHANGE AT YOUR DOORSTEP”.

  2. 2.    The Call for Competition is directed to youth and young adults until the age of 27. Before announcement of the prize winners these have to prove their age in documents (copy of identity card, passport, driving license, birth certificate).

  3. 3.    Closing date: Contributions have to be arrived until 15th of November 2014 12 p.m. Berlin time. Valid is the date and time in the email header. The subject of the email has to be “Climateproject”. Emails have to ben sent to the following address: info@climateproject.de

  4. 4.    Participants may be individual persons or groups. Each participant may send in up to three contributions. Contributions have to be free of opposing rights of third parties. Captions for pictures have to be in one of the languages used on this website.

  5. 5.    Permitted only are original works. Permitted are works in the following three categories:
        a) articles (1000 words maximum, at least 1 photo);
        b) photos, collages, graphics, caricatures, photo series (up to 9 photos, accompanying text up to 100 words)
        c) videos (5:00 minutes maximum, accompanying text up to 100 words)

  6. 6.    Texts shall be sent to the contact address mentioned on this website in one of the following formats: DOC, ODF, RTF.
    Photos shall be sent as JPGs with 72 dpi in 10x15cm size.
    Videos will be taken over from YouTube. The YouTube URL has to be mentioned.

  7. 7.    Name, post address, email address and phone number have to be mentioned in the email.

  8. 8.    All works have to be in one of the languages used on this website (English, Spanish, French, or German.

  9. 9.    A short biography of the author should be added (100 words maximum).

  10. 10.    The prizes will be determined by an independent jury.

  11. 11.    Prizes will be given: first prize of 500 Euro, a second prize of 250 Euro and a 3rd prize of 100 Euro.

  12. 12.    The works, contact details and the short biography will be published on the website www.climateproject.de. By submitting a contribution the author declares his/her agreement with this publication.

  13. 13.    The participant allows the organizer of the competition to use the submitted works for own publications and for publications in relation to the competition.

  14. 14.    By submitting a contribution the submitter declares his/her agreement with this Terms of Participation. It is explicitly stated that the submitter declares his/her agreement for exhibiting his/her works.

  15. 15.    The jurisdiction of a court is explicitly excluded.