Call for Competition

What does climate change matter to me? Does it affect me at all?

For the last time your entries for the competition „The Climate Change at your Doorstep“ can be put forward until November 15th 2014 12p.m. It can be works of journalism or art.

Prizes will be given by an independent jury: 500,00 Euro for the 1st prize, 250,00 Euro for the 2nd prize, and 100,00 Euro for the 3rd prize.

What are the oppportunities to combat global warming and its effects? What can we do ourselves? And also, waht can be done by the political and economical leaders at regional, national or international level? What do you expect from politicians and managers of enterprises?

Permitted are contibutions in the following three categories:

  1. 1.articles,

  2. ore photo series, collages, graphic art, caricatures and

  3. 3.videos.

Please send your contributions by email to the following address

Contributions will be published on this website.

You can find additional information on the conditions of the competition here.