The climate change at your doorstep

For some it may cause anxieties for the future, others are fed up with the media hype related it - the discussion about climate change. But there are daily news about the progressing changes e.g. in the Arctic and Antarctic. Scientists have found out that the melting of the maritime glacier in the North may lead to the evaporation of huge amounts of methane located at the ground of the Arctic Sea. Methane may cause 25 times more damage to the climate than CO2. „It is being discussed if the evaporation of methane may lead to a turning point when climate changes rapidly and instantaneously. ,It‘s not for sure but possible.‘ says Anders Levermann from Potsdam Institute for Research im Climate Implications.“ (taz newspaper 26/7/2013).

Climate models show the potential developments for the most part in a global scale. Rarely it becomes visible which changes we have to anticipate locally, “at our doorstep”. For some regions of the world only a minor warming is forecasted with positive effects for energy costs and a benefit in the quality of life with outdoor evenings and new opportunities for tourism. Changes in nature and ecosystems, the enormous adaption pressure for native species but also for man, the immigration of  pathogenic organisms and the loss of a familiar environment remain often disregarded.

Young people will be affected from the climatic changes harder and in a special way. However, they have hardly a voice in the recent discussion.

The hardest effect though will be on the people in the developing countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania. In these regions whole landscapes and islands may disappear, and the climate may change strongly.